Paid Per Click Malaysia (PPC)

PPC is one of the most extensive and efficient inbound marketing approach.

Google AdWords provides instant online advertising that generates traffic and sales to businesses. Show your PPC advertisements in Google search engines or a partner site by paying either each time the ad is clicked or less commonly when the ad is displayed
(cost per impression).

Googel Adwords PPC Malaysia

Googel Adwords PPC Malaysia

How to obtain higher position but paying lesser?

Although paid per click (PPC) advertisement aren’t cheap but to get ranked in highest position you do not necessarily need to spend big money.

Google rewards high quality score advertisers with lower cost per click (CPC) and higher ad ranking.

How do you know your media spend is working for you and gets the best return on your investment?

Get more from your investment, Increase your ROI, Increase quality warm leads

Benefits of PPC Campaign Malaysia

  • Easy to reach your target market no matter it is big or small
  • Easy to edit the advertising campaign to suit your business needs
  • Quick access to campaign result and make smarter advertising decisions
  • Geographic targeting ( example: 10 km within Kuala Lumpur) from nationally to internationally
  • To start new business whether it is a product based business or a service based business
  • Get more customers faster, you can focus in niche market and become the big fish in a small pond
  • Our world is becoming smaller, bringing the world closer
  • Recurring revenue is fabulous and predicting

We provide a complete PPC advertising services from Google AdWords account setup, advertising campaign management, Google ranking result monitoring & fine-tuning keywords and report analysis.

  How to start your PPC campaign?

Kick start with a marketing budget that you are
comfortable, receive google ranking results
and report notification at your fingertips.

No minimum budget,
you can spend as little or as much as
you like with Google AdWords


What are the Differences between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising / Pay Per Click (PPC)?

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Paid Search Advertising / PPC / CPC
CostInitial investment paid to SEO consultantIt costs you money for every visitor linked to your website
TimeIt will take weeks or months to obtain result in search rankingIt will show search ranking result in 24 hours
EffectivenessResults are continuing. Those ranking do not vanish when a marketer’s budget is reduced or runs out, as happens with paid search.
It appears as an advertisement, letting visitor feels that they are looking at a hard selling advertisement
Google search ranking resultOrganic resultPaid result